Stress Solutions

A four-week seminar series

The Julia Pearl Wellness Program combines evidence-based educational material, physical activity and mindfulness components in a four-week seminar series. The program includes four 60-minute sessions led by Pearl at the work-site, making it easy and convenient for employees to participate.

Each week will focus on the following components:

Week One Physiology of Stress The underlying mechanisms and hormonal responses the body uses to eliminate, reduce or cope with stress
Week Two Effects of Toxic Stress Understanding and reducing toxic stress that leads to weight gain, cravings, sleep issues and other long-term health implications
Week Three Benefits of Stress Understanding good stress, or eustress, and how to utilize it to enhance productivity
Week Four Stress Solutions Development of personalized solutions for managing future stress
“I loved Julia’s energy and positive attitude and getting us moving; she was fabulous!!” “Julia is very energetic and provides real life tips” “I thought it was very helpful and educational, I didn’t know my body was so tight from stress.” “She was able to fit A LOT of interactive activities into a short amount of time.”  “Very interesting, and relaxing- Julia’s a great speaker” “I really liked the whole presentation, it was extremely helpful and valuable, loved Julia’s enthusiasm” “Enjoyed it very much! Very motivating!”


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