My Sunrider story is one that doesn’t begin with Sunrider products.  It begins with giving myself the gift of actually spending time nurturing myself, a first in my life of 64 years.  I had always heard about yoga since my friends had tried it out over the years.  Having taken 13 years of ballet as a young child, I remember the great feeling of flexibility and energy it had given me and I wanted that feeling back.  A gentle yoga class was being offered in my local area that was available during the times of the day that accommodated my schedule.  Even though all the other class participants were well accomplished in yoga, the beginner that I was sat in the front row so I could see every move the teacher made.  As you can imagine, I was awkward with the moves.  My lotus position didn’t look like everyone else’s.  My stretches weren’t as long, nor were they as fluid.  I kept focused on mimicking each of the moves the teacher made.   I greatly appreciated the information she shared about what the different positions and moves affected in the body systems.


My teacher was Julia and I am still blessed that she introduced me to the way she lives her life through yoga. The gift I had given myself was two yoga days a week and I looked forward to that gift every week for about a year and a half.  You would think that the classes would be all the same, but they weren’t.  We did something different each time and we worked all the different parts of our body.  (A brief word about only taking yoga for 1 ½ years – I chose to withdraw from the group yoga.  My mother and my mother-in-law were both at the ends of their lives.  My commitment was to spend each morning with them.  But in exchange, I was able to do yoga daily at home since I was fortunate enough to have a dvd of Julia’s yoga exercises.  Julia had also let me take pictures of her performing different poses so I could keep having variety in my workouts.   Eventually, I stopped using the dvd and pictures since I had memorized all the moves we had performed in class.)


Naturally, each yoga day tested my body but it nurtured my spirit as well.  Julia led each move with obvious enjoyment for what that move was doing for her body as she breathed and “fed” herself with yoga and visualizations of what it was doing for our bodies.  She also always was prepared with a large 64 ounce bottle of a colored liquid that she would drink between moves.   Always keep yourself hydrated she would say as she hydrated her own body.  She shared the thoughts she would have during the different moves that helped me get the most out of each one.  One example is when you stretch your spine, she would coach us to visualize the space between each disk to widen and provide additional room.  She would coach us as we tried to get the most out of a particular stretch to release our breath and then stretch even further.  And of course, we always ended up with a guided meditation that began with an inspiring thought before melting into the relaxation.  Sometimes we would share our own inspiring thoughts with the class.  To this day, it is hard to separate yoga from Julia—both are tremendous for your body, your spirit and the joy of living every day.  I think it is fair to say that I fell in love with Julia’s spirit during those yoga sessions.  She is beautiful from the inside to the outside.  She emanates a beautiful energy that infects all in her range.  During our conversations, she would talk about different inspirational conferences she was attending as the keynote speaker.  She makes me laugh because as she would describe one of her dreams of being an inspirational speaker ,  I know that SHE is the inspiration regardless of how she crafts her speeches.


I wanted to know what Julia was drinking.  I always took a bottle of water with me to class, but Julia’s “concoction” looked intriguing.  I wanted to drink what she was drinking.  And hence—my introduction to Sunrider products.  She briefly described the products and her beverage, which was Calli tea and Fortune Delight.  That description was followed up with a video and written description of the different products and how they nourished your body.  I should mention that I love to cook (and eat).  I love my butter and heavy cream.  I always tried to make nutritious and balanced meals each day, but some days were harder than others to be successful.  I always looked for different ways to flush the toxins out of my body because I know how toxins build up, especially eating what I would cook!  Whenever I got a little hungry, I’d just snack on whatever was around, nutritious or not.  I thought long and hard about trying the Sunrider products.  Yes, it is expensive.  But the aspect that sold me was the organic nutrition that was in every item—and it is a living food.  This is exactly what the cells in our body are calling out for and here it is in a convenient and packaged form!  How could it not be perfect for anyone?  So I tried it for myself, following Julia’s guide and instruction to the letter.  I began using the Calli and the Fortune Delight because I wanted the toxins to be flushed from my body.  I used the NuPlus  and the Quinary because I wanted my cells to be nourished as they needed.  I used the sunbars because I wanted the fiber and a readily available live snack.


I was surprised at the gentle way the Sunrider system worked.  I would make my Calli and Fortune Delight in one big pitcher in the morning and would squeeze in a lemon or lime just because I love the fresh citrus juice (and it is also known for flushing toxins out of your system).  And I would use the warm Calli mixture to make a NuPlus/Quinary meal for my breakfast.  It filled me up and I went about my daily activity.  Mid-morning, I would find myself thinking about what I was going to make for lunch and would reach for a few nuts to nibble (or whatever was readily available).  So I trained myself to reach for another NuPlus/Quinary and would drink/eat it.  What amazed me was that once I had taken the NuPlus/Quinary, all thoughts of food vanished.  And my mindset was that now I knew my body was getting the nutrition it needed, I didn’t worry about making sure my meals were balanced.  It made cooking much easier (and yes, I still used my butter and cream).  I found that as long as I was eating my NuPlus/Quinary, I didn’t think about food and didn’t think about reaching for any snack.  At the beginning and probably for the first 6 months, I really didn’t change my meals at dinner much.  But all of a sudden I noticed that my clothes were looser.   I had lost 25 pounds without realizing it!  It was effortless and all I was doing was not snacking.  I was full and I had energy; I felt good; I was doing my yoga daily; I meditated daily.  Life was good.


All of a sudden, I began paying attention to my Sunrider ingestion.  I began celebrating with my body and spirit every time I ate or drank Sunrider.  In fact, I was so ecstatic that I was giving my cells just what they need to be healthy that I use this mantra each time I make and eat it:  “I am the mighty healing energy flowing through my mind and body, filling and renewing every cell.”  When I make my Calli/Fortune Delight and NuPlus/Quinary, I thank the water for mixing with the organic, living product.  I am thankful when I drink/eat it and I celebrate that my body is receiving it.  When I do eat a sunbar, then I take a very small bite of it and drink my Calli/Fortune Delight and I know my body is combining the two products perfectly for my use.  Now I still cook meat for my family to eat but I find that I listen to my body for my own food.  My body seems to enjoy a green smoothie mid-day and crave salads for my dinner.


A typical day’s meals consist of a breakfast made of Calli/Fortune Delight and NuPlus/Quinary.  My lunch may be just NuPlus/Quinary and roasted veggies  or a smoothie made of a banana, frozen cherries, Chia seeds (another perfect protein), Flax Lignon hulls (much more powerful than Flax Seed Oil), a handful of fresh Kale, arugula or spinach blended with Calli/Fortune Delight.  My dinner is usually NuPlus/Quinary and could be a salad made of chopped apple, chopped macadamia nuts, a few dried cherries and a crumbling of Stilton cheese.  With this, I am full and I am ecstatic that my body is getting what it needs.  And interestingly enough, my desire for my butter and heavy cream has subsided to the point that I can honestly say I have no desire for them anymore.  They last a lot longer in my refrigerator since I’m only using them for my family cooking and our dinner parties.


This is my 4th year using Sunrider.  I haven’t yet branched out to the other Sunrider products.  I am thinking about it but I feel so good that I am not yet driven to do so.  Then again, sometimes my thoughts come up with “hmm, I wonder if I could feel even better”…   What I know is that it was Julia and who she is as a person that led me to try Sunrider.  It is her joy of living, her closeness to her family, her deep appreciation and great caring she has for her body.   It is her dedication to living in the moment and continuing her learning to reach her many goals.  It is her belief and commitment to seeing herself as a system– body, food,  thoughts, and actions are inseparable from each other.  She is the epitome of “intentional living”.  It is all of these characteristics in Julia that allowed me to see Sunrider in its perfection for this beautiful, busy and contaminated world we live in.  Its products are pure and living—my body deserves nothing less.