Julia first introduced me to Sunrider over 7 years ago.  I was primarily interested in a way to enhance my nutrition and improve my eating habits.  Although I was eating fairly healthy, I wanted to ensure that I was actually getting the nutrition that my body needed.  In general, my Sunrider routine consists of daily Calli tea (generally the mint flavor), Sunnydew sweetener, NuPlus & Quinary which I mix all together and drink after my morning pilates or yoga class.  I will supplement that with sprouted almonds or a slice of healthy seed & nut bread.  During the day, I drink Fortune Delight and will have a Sunbar, NuPlus or Vitashake mid-afternoon.  Although I may not eat the Sunrider foods as frequently as I could, I still reap benefit from including them in my diet.


I love to cook and I love to eat and I don’t deprive myself of foods that I enjoy.  Although sugar and carbs were not a significant issue in my diet, adding Sunrider has helped reduce my desire for them.  In general, I don’t really want to eat them as much and will lean towards healthier options to fill me up.  As we all know, there are a ton of products on the market that advertise “healthy”, “organic”, “nutritious”, etc.  For me, Sunrider is a worry-free food choice as it is all plant-based real nutrition.


I started to incorporate other Sunrider products a few years ago such as SunTrim, Ese and Bella.  I find that if I take 2 SunTrim before a meal, it helps to curb my appetite and I feel full faster.  I will sometimes take Ese at night to help calm my mind and relax me before sleep.  As I am in my late 50’s, I take Bella daily to help with balancing my hormones and reducing menopause symptoms.


I practice yoga and pilates several times a week and often tell people that if I was only allowed one physical “exercise”, I would practice yoga (I know, some people don’t consider yoga as exercise).  It’s strength, it’s flexibility, it’s a way to engage the mind and body to keep myself balanced.  I did practice with Julia when she taught at our gym and really enjoyed her as an instructor.  She was encouraging, challenging and always positive.  I was super disappointed when she was no longer able to teach our classes.


Julia has been a wonderful inspiration for me in terms of overall wellness and reinforcing the mindset that at whatever stage you are, it’s OK.  Don’t beat yourself up if you really aren’t ready to make big changes in your lifestyle, whether it be your diet or exercise or yoga……little by little is fine. You have to be mentally ready to choose to make changes that you think you want to make and one of the things that Julia does is work with you to help you through that journey.


I feel very lucky to have met Julia and she continues to be a source of inspiration to me.  Thank you Julia!