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“I loved Julia’s energy and positive attitude and getting us moving; she was fabulous!!”  “Julia is very energetic and provides real life tips”  “I thought it was very helpful and educational, I didn’t know my body was so tight from stress.”  “She was able to fit A LOT of interactive activities into a short amount of time.”   “Very interesting, and relaxing- Julia’s a great speaker”  “I really liked the whole presentation, it was extremely helpful and valuable, loved Julia’s enthusiasm”   “Enjoyed it very much! Very motivating!”

Previous conference presentations

Pearl, J. (2017, June). “3 Self-care Strategies Proven to Reduce Stress Among Healthcare Providers’. Arizona Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual conference. An evidence-based presentation citing current research in regards to healthcare provider burnout and the impact it has on providing high quality patient-centered care. In addition, participants were guided through three interactive self-care activities to combat the stressful demands of working in the healthcare environment.

Pearl, J. (2016, October): “Stress Solutions”. Arizona State University. ASU 101 Guest speaker. An interactive presentation with freshmen to discuss the implications of toxic stress, the benefits of eustress and practical solutions to increase productivity and encourage a healthy collegiate experience.

Pearl, J. (2015, August): “Stress busters: Relax and Rejuvenate with Julia Pearl’. Arizona State University- College of Nursing and Health Innovation Staff Retreat. An interactive presentation to invigorate and inspire with fun, simple and practical tools to manage stress, increase productivity and enhance well-being

Pearl, J. (2014, April) Stress Busters: Holistic approach to stress reduction and wellness. Fitness Fest, AZ. An interactive workshop for fitness professionals. providing evidence-based techniques on behavior change, managing stress, and increasing client’s adherence to wellness programming.

Pearl, J. (2014, January): Ring in the New Year with a Resolution for Rejuvenation! Arizona State University- University Career Women. An interactive workshop to invigorate and inspire with fun, simple and practical tools to manage stress, increase productivity and enhance well-being.

Pearl, J. (2013, October) Stress Busters: Juggling it all. Arizona State University- Professional Development Conference. An inspiring and invigorating interactive presentation providing practical tools to reduce stress and increase productivity.

Pearl, J. (2013, February) Live life to the fullest: PEARL Wellness. Arizona State University. Staff development retreat. Inspired staff with the P.E.A.R.L. Wellness concepts of meditation, exercise, visualization, nutrition and laughter as tools for living their life to the fullest

Pearl, J. (2012, May) Stress reduction desk yoga video series. Arizona State University. Creator of a stress-reducing desk exercise series and starred in the video filmed at Arizona State University.

Pearl, J. (2011, May) Stress management: PEARL Wellness. American Association of Orthodontics. Annual Conference, Chicago, IL. Educated Orthodontists and their staff on stress management techniques included in the P.E.A.R.L. wellness program; meditation, exercise, visualization, nutrition, and laughter, as a way to increase productivity and enhance their quality of life.

Pearl, J. (2010, April) Stress management: PEARL Wellness. Alliance of the American Dental Association. Annual Conference, Phoenix, Arizona. Three-hour interactive presentation on stress management at the annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Utilizing a cutting edge interactive audience response technology to create an engaging session while teaching P.E.A.R.L. wellness principles with a series of exercises including chair yoga, team building fitness games, and mindful eating.

Pearl, J (2010, March) DOVE, Campaign for Real Beauty, Facilitator, workshop leader. Body image and you. Tempe, Arizona. A workshop for daughters and their mothers with interactive activities to support proper body image messaging and healthy, safe weight management.

Pearl, J. (2010, January) Childhood wellness and stress management. Pueblo Middle School. PTO meeting, Chandler, Arizona. Presented to parents with practical ideas to support optimum student wellness with nutrition, stress management, and holistic health principles.

Pearl, J. (2007, July) “Being Well Balanced- Combining holistic nutrition and yoga to beat the heat’ and “Living Holistically in the Real World’. Emerging Healers Conference.

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