I am a Sunrider ‘newbie’ but it sure didn’t take me long to realize the amazing ‘unexpected’ benefits that Sunrider had to offer! You will understand why I say unexpected in a minute. Let me first start by giving a little history on me. I had been a smoker for 17 years, with a few failed attempts to quit for good. I lived on coffee during the day (drinking up to 8 cups/day) and then enjoyed my rum and diet cokes at night. Other than these 3 major vices, I tried to live a healthy life. My diet was pretty good and I exercised regularly. I got my personal training certification at the end of 2012 so that I could start sharing what I know about fitness with others. Now, here is when I decided that I needed to quit smoking for good. How could I be preaching about health and fitness and smoke cigarettes? I quit cold turkey in May of this year with the help of an online support group but soon started putting on weight. I reached out to Julia looking for help to get back on track without ‘dieting’. I wanted to make a change in my lifestyle that could carry on for the rest of my life in regards to food. Sunrider sounded exactly what I was looking for so I decided to try the 30 day Regenerative Nutrition Program. I learned everything there was about the foods and was very excited and ready to get my shipment. I started the program in June and throughout the next month, started to realize that my priorities were shifting, hence the unexpected. At first I was focused on my weight and although I stopped gaining it, I was getting frustrated that I wasn’t loosing it as fast as I would like but what I realized is that I had more important things to focus on before tackling the 15 lbs that I felt I had to get rid of. I know now that Sunrider had been cleansing, balancing and nourishing other areas that needed to be addressed first. If you think about it, my body had been pretty abused by all the smoking and drinking. With Sunrider, I have absolutely no cravings for cigarettes. I quit drinking coffee and my rum and diet cokes (caffeine all day and night) with absolutely no side effects, not even one headache, by replacing them with Sunrider. Plus, I have more energy now than I did before. Coffee had always been my ‘must have’ and I had no intentions of giving it up forever. But now, after replacing it with Cali, I do not even have the desire to drink it. In fact, I have had only 2 cups of coffee since I have been eating Sunrider and I didn’t like how it made me feel. Alcohol is the same. As of this moment, I do not have the desire to drink it and if you know me, you would think I was crazy. I have never felt so clear and focused and I give all the credit to Sunrider. Not only that, but Julia (as my wellness coach) has been there for me through the entire process and as confusing as it was for me at first, she helped me to identify the signs and simply talked me through my emotions so that I could better understand them. I know that Sunrider will continue to heal me, inside and out and will forever be a part of my journey to complete health, wellness, and balance.

Michelle S.

Gilbert, AZ