Virtual Wellness Coaching

Welcome and thank you for your interest in wellness coaching

The PEARL Wellness program was created because of personal experiences in my own wellness journey over the past 20+ years. I support clients with specific principles that have helped me to not only overcome personal challenges but also principles that continue to support my vitality, zest, and enthusiasm for living a fun, fulfilling life.

Areas of wellness coaching include:

Sunrider Chinese herbal foods

Mindful eating


Private yoga sessions


The PEARL Wellness Program is a comprehensive program based upon proven principles to achieve optimum wellness
P: Purpose
Align lifestyle choices with greater purpose
E: Exercise
Yoga and daily movement
A: Awareness
Meditation and mindful eating
R: Rejuvenation
Sunrider herbal foods, based upon the Chinese Philosophy of Regeneration. The optimum fuel to nourish your body, mind and spirit.
L: Love
Loving kindness,self-compassion, and healthy body image
  • A fun acronym as a daily success strategy to practice the PEARL Wellness principles in your life. Practice Everyday Actions and Receive Love and Light!
P = Practice (progress not perfection)
E = Everyday (take it one day at a time)
A = Actions (DOING not just planning)
R = Receive (appreciating, allowing and believing we deserve it!)
L = Love and Light (the energy to flow through you)

The coaching sessions can either take place virtually or in-person.

1. Virtually with Skype or zoom online or by telephone

2. In-person training can take place either at Julia Pearl’s home gym or in-home within a designated area of Phoenix, Arizona

Private Wellness Coaching pricing structure:

Starting at:

  • $125/hour online- skype, zoom or telephonic private coaching session
  • $175/hour in-home private session
  • $150/hour in-person private yoga or personal training session at Julia Pearl’s home gym

to contact Julia Pearl for an initial consultation.